General Electric (GE) Water Heaters

GE Water Heaters have been an industry front runner since 1892 when Edison General Electric Company merged  with Thomson-Houston Electric Company to create General Electric (GE) Company.  In addition to water heaters, GE also produces other appliances such as refrigerators,  ovens and dishwashers.

In addition to the standard style, GE offers a variety of water heaters,  including hybrid, tankless and energy-efficient models. GE’s hybrid water  heater includes heat pump technology which can use 62 percent less energy than a  standard water heater.

GE water heaters range in capacity from 28 gallons to 80 gallons. Choosing  the right size water heater for your needs depends on the number of people in  your household, number of bathrooms and presence of a dishwasher or washing machine.

Depending on your home setup and personal preference, you can find a GE water heater powered by electricity, gas or propane. Six-, nine and twelve year  warranties are available for gas and electric models (as of January  2011). GE is a name that is synonymous with innovation, growth and a strong worldwide presence. GE products and services have their reach far and wide and can be found in practically every household or industry.

GE is undoubtedly the leader and the largest manufacturer when it comes to developing major appliances and ever since 1907, it has been introducing state-of-the-art appliances to create a difference in people’s lives. The wide range of GE hot water heaters can be broadly classified into standard and tankless water heaters. The standard range of water heaters consists of both electric water heaters and gas water heaters.

Standard Electric GE Water Heaters

Electric Water Heater Model GE10P06SAG:

This particular GE hot water heater model comes with a unit capacity of 10 gallons and can be installed even in limited spaces.

Electric Water Heater Model SE50M12AAH:

Featuring child resistant brass drain valve, this 50 gallon GE water heater offers long lasting durability.

Electric Water Heater Model GE30M06AAG:

With a capacity of 30 gallons, this GE hot water heater comes with an anode rod that increases tank life.

Electric Water Heater Model GE02P06SAG:

Featuring an easy wall mount installation, this particular GE Water Heater model is perfect for limited spaces and offers a capacity of 2.5 gallons.

GE Atmospheric Vent Natural Gas Tall Models


With a capacity of 50 gallons, this particular GE Water Heater model comes with the patented SmartShield™sensor system and features a simple push button igniter operation.


This particular model of GE gas water heater offers a capacity of 40 gallons and its self-cleaning system restricts sediment build-up.


This GE water heater is one of their better built models with all the bells and whistles offered in their standard gas water heaters. SmartShield™ Sensor System, self cleaning system thicker insulation to give it its Energy Star qualifications are a few highlights.


This GE water heater offers a reasonable rate of first hour of hot water at 50 gallons while still offering a energy factor of .62.


If you are thinking efficiency this may not be your GE water heater model. While this GE water heater offers up to 80 gallons of hot water in the first hour it does not offer any of the cost saving features that are needed to make it efficient.


This 40 gallon GE water heater water uses the SmartShield™ Sensor system, a push button pilot lighter and is Energy Star® qualified.


This GE water heater has a 9 year extended limited warranty because it uses a self cleaning system to fight sediment build up and a heavy duty anode rod, thus better protecting the tank.


This GE water heater unit has just about all the features to be efficient but because it uses 36,000 BTUs it has to work longer when there is a large demand for hot water, but while standing still it holds its heat adequately.


This GE water heater uses higher BTU& and thicker insulation to qualify for the Energy Star® rating. Also has a child resistant drain valve, self cleaning system and a sensor system.

GE Atmospheric Vent Gas Short Models


This GE water heater is featuring special porcelain lining to provide complete tank protection, this 28 gallon water heater model is perfect for limited spaces.


This GE water heater is a 40 gallon water heater is alternative to the other short model while offering a larger capacity and is only 3″ taller at 52 3/4″ in height.

GE Atmospheric Vent – Propane Water Heaters


This GE water heater is a propane water heater and offers a large quantity of hot water for the size of the tank at 90 gallons in that first hour.


This GE water heater uses less energy than normal at .62 energy factor, while this 29 gallon tank has the ability to create up to 50 gallons of hot water that first hour.


This GE water heater Using a little more energy to get that water hot this 40 gallon tank produces a large amount of extra hot water in comparison to that energy it uses.

Power Vent Gas Water Heater


Energy Star® qualified, GE’s most efficient gas water heater, electronic control with system feedback and includes a self cleaning system.


Once again Energy Star® qualified, 50 gallon capacity,  and has all the features of the other power vent water heater including having no filters to clean, service or repair.

Power Vent – Propane Water Heaters


One of their better models produced this 50 gallon tank offers everything you may be looking for. It has a self cleaning system, electronic control and is very efficient for a propane water heater.


Regarded as one of the most efficient 40 gallon GE water heaters, this model with 40 gallon capacity is known for its electronic control and self-cleaning system.

GE Tankless Water Heaters

Indoor GE Tankless GN94DNSRSA and Outdoor GE Tankless GN94ENSRSA:

With a maximum flow rate capacity of 9.4 GPM, this GE water heater is known for its compact design, easy installation and energy savings. Featuring a maximum flow rate capacity of 9.4 GPM, this tankless water heater comes with a direct electronic ignition and the temperature can be adjusted through a remote control.

Indoor Tankless GN75DNSRSA and Outdoor Tankless GN75ENSRSA:

This tankless GE hot water heater ensures the water is heated when it is required and the compact design takes up limited space. With maximum flow rate capacity of 7.5GPM, this tankless model of GE water heaters features direct electronic ignition and can easily be installed.

Indoor Tankless GE  GP94DNSRSA and Outdoor Tankless GP94ENSRSA:

Biggest variation is this  tank is heated with propane otherwise it is very similar to the natural gas model.

GeoSpring™Hybrid Water Heater

Model #: GEH50DNSRSA

Available size of 50 gallons,  4 operation modes, electric use approximately 2.5 times less electricity per year than a standard electric GE water heater and is comparable in size to a regular water tank.


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