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Neil Thomas Plumbing and Heating experts at repairing, replacing and installing Bradford Water Heaters in Galesburg IL. With years of quality experience working on Bradford White, we are is the company to call if you are looking for a new water heater. Expertise in residential water heaters includes gas, electric, oil, solar and indirectly powered models. The configurations include atmospheric and power vented models, point-of-use and tankless models, and other specialty models as well. In all, Bradford White offers an incredible variety of residential products for water heating, combination heating and storage applications.

Residential water heating represents the second largest consumption of energy in the home, right behind heating and cooling. For many years, there was no official ENERGY STAR® program for water heaters. But, beginning on January 1st, 2009 the DOE released their final requirement and established the ENERGY STAR® program for Residential water heaters. ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Their goal for developing this program is to assist the residential water heater manufacturers in promoting high efficiency products that save money, use less energy, and deliver the same or better performance as comparable products.

Bradford White dates back to 1881 when the company came into existence and ever since it has not looked back. Today Bradford White is undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of water heating products globally that cater to the requirements of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Bradford White Atmospheric Vent water heater models

Defender Safety System Energy Saver Water Heater:

This range of Bradford White Water heaters uses a draft diverter, ranges from 29 to 60 gallons and have the FVIR Defender Safety System®.

High Input Energy Savers:

These are high-energy efficiency models which are available in 75 and 100 gallon capacities and have a higher recovery rate thus needing between 76,000 and 85,000 BTU/Hr.

Defender Safety System Energy Saver:

This series comes in three models and are known for their Extra Recovery feature without a need for a lot more BTU/Hr.

Energy Saver water heaters:

There is one model of 75 gallons that offers enhanced performance, using a a draft diverter, allowing an increased amount of hot water for normal use..

Defender Safety System High EF water heater models:

This series of Bradford White water heaters come with additional insulation, and automatic flue damper to reduce the amount of heat loss on standby.

Defender Safety System Programmable Efficiency Water Heater:

This series of Bradford Whiter water heaters is known for LCD digital control for a full 7 day/ 4 per day control of the hot water, is moderately efficient and comes in 5 models between 30 and 60 gallons.

High Performance Energy Saver Models:

These high performance water heaters offer continuous hot water all day long. the 25 gallon model can produce up to 155 gallons in the first hour. Comes in 25 and 55 gallon sizes.

Eco-Defender Safety System Energy Saver Models:

These models use latest technology to become ecologically friendly, have a very large assortment of sizes and needs no electricity.

Defender Safety System for Manufactured Homes:

These Bradford White Water heaters are designed specifically for mobile homes in sizes of 30 and 40 gallons and the advantage of these units are that they are slim in design to fit in a smaller space.

Bradford White Power Vent Water Heater Models

High Performance TTW Energy Saver water heater Models:

These high performance water heaters deliver continuous hot water for the size of the unit requiring larger BTU/Hr to meet that demand.

Ultra High Efficiency Energy Saver Water Heater Models:

Boasting an efficiency rating of 95%, this powerful 60 gallon water heater meets stringent quality requirements.

Defender Safety System Energy Saver TTW1:

These Bradford White water heaters are power vented for to facilitate installation flexibility(exit wall or roof) up to 120 ft. The three model sizes are 30, 40 and 50 gallons.

Eco-Defender Safety System TTW1:

This series of ultra NOx water heaters are ecologically friendly, use the latest technology and is available in 3 sizes(40, 50 and 60 gallons).

Bradford White Power Direct Vent Water Heater Models

Ultra High Efficiency Energy Saver Water Heaters:

This high efficiency 60 gallon water heater comes with low NOx burner, needs 120,00 BTU/Hr. available to heat to maximum capacity.

Defender Safety System PDX1 Energy Saver Models:

These power direct vent models are ideal for locations far from the wall or roof using a powerful blower motor and comes in 2 sizes of 40 and 50 gallons.

Defender Safety System PDX2 Energy Saver Models:

This power-vent Bradford White water heater uses outside air for combustion and have higher inputs and gallon capacities (48, 65 and 75).

EverHot Tankless Models:

Supplying continuous hot water at a set temperature is this range of tankless white water heaters, indoor and outdoor units provide space savings and have an energy factor of 0.82.

Bradford White Direct Vent Water Heater Models

Defender Safety System Energy Saver DS Models:

Direct Vent Bradford water heaters use a co-axial vent pipe(pipes inside pipe) and are ideal for locations with insufficient combustion near the wall. Available models of 40 and 50 gallon capacities.

Defender Safety System Energy Saver High-Input DH Models:

This range of water heaters offers large gallon capacities(48, 65 and 75) and higher recovery capabilities while using the co-axial piping.

Energy Saver Closed Combustion Manufactured Homes Models:

This range of Bradford White water heaters feature fully automatic controls and closed combustion while having a slim design.

Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

Energy Saver Upright – Residential Water Heater

This line of upright electric Bradford White water heater comes with the latest Hydrojet technology creating turbulence in the tank to prevent sediment build up.

High Efficiency Energy Saver Water Heater

This range of high efficiency water heaters offers fully automatic controls, Hydrojet Total Performance System and 2″ foam insulation.

Energy Saver Lowboy

These water heaters are specifically meant for tight spaces and allow enhanced installation flexibility.

Energy Saver Utility

This utility Bradford Whitewater heater offers smaller volumes of hot water where use is limited but still providing some efficiency with 1″ insulation.

Energy Saver Tabletop

Designed as a home appliance, this type of water heaters are ideal for homes without basements needing the countertop space.

Energy Saver Wall Hung

This wall hung water heater is designed to save valuable floor space and the water connections are at the bottom of the tank.

PC Powerful Compact

This small water heater unit can easily fit under the sink and can offer up to two gallons of stored hot water.

Kwickshot Instantaneous White Water Heater

These tankless water heaters offer a variety of output levels, claiming to have no delay in hot water and cut energy waste by being controlled by a flow switch.

Bradford White Residential Oil Water Heaters

Aero Water Heaters

This series of residential oil-based Bradford White water heaters offer energy saving and reliable performance while giving high hot water output.

Bradford White Solar Water Heaters

Ecostor™ SC Solar Indirect System

This range of solar models comes with a single-wall heat exchanger that transfers heat to the surrounding water. This system is backed up a dual or single element in the case where solar heat is not available.

Ecostor2 SC Solar Powered Water Heater Indirect System

These models of Bradford white water heaters feature double-wall heat exchanger because some governments want to ensure there is protection for the water from the solar heating fluid. Also has a single dual(optional) backup elements.

Ecostor DC Solar Water Heating System

This advanced dual heat exchanger comes with the ability to be used in combination with other heat sources, for example boiler, geothermal or space heating..

Solar Saver Water Heaters

These models are ideal for open system applications where water is pumped into the tank heating the water with an alternate collector supply and return in 80 and 119 gallon units.

Ecostor2 SC Solar Indirect System Power Vent

These power vent gas backups utilize a powerful yet a quiet blower motor to help with demand when solar energy is not enough.

Ecostor2 SC Solar Indirect Hot Water Heaters Single Coil Eco-Defender

These solar/gas water heaters produce 75% less NOx emissions and when the solar panel supplys enough energy these units are the best in the industry.

Atmospheric Vent Bradford White Water Heaters

Light Duty Defender Safety System® Energy Saver:

These models are ideal for small commercial applications while producing a relatively high output of hot water.

Light Duty High Input Energy Saver Models:

These Bradford white hot water heaters use a draft diverter, come in larger sizes and use between 65,000 and 88,000 BTU/Hr. thus has a higher recovery rate..

Light Duty Eco-Defender Safety System Energy Saver Models:

These are eco-friendly water heaters releasing 75% less NOx emissions than your standard model. Available in 48 and 65 gallon capacities.

Light Duty High Performance Energy Saver Models:

These models are perfect for locations where there are space constraints but hot water use is still in normal demand. They are available in 25 and 55 gallons and use between 78,000 and 80,000 BTU/Hr. giving it greater recovery time.

Electronic Ignition Flue Damper Energy Saver Models:

This range of water heaters offers solutions to commercial applications included is a digital LCD display to control temperature from 70°F to 180°F. One of the largest ranges of water heaters with 36 models  offering from 125,000 to 505,000 BTU/Hr. allowing a extremely high recovery rate.

Millivolt Ignition Flue Damper Energy Saver Models:

Offering high powered performance is this range of water heaters with no power supply needed thus not allowing a lockout situation with the standing pilot light.

Electronic Ignition Fan Induced Energy Saver Models:

Available in two models of 65 and 80 gallons are these fan-assisted combustion models are able to produce a very high output of hot water using up to 725,000 BTU/Hr.

Copper Brute II Models:

These offer hot water and can meet large application requirements and have a variety of venting options.

Bradford White Power Vent Water Heater Models

Light Duty TTW® Defender Safety System® Models and Non-Defender Energy Saver:

These models can be vented through a wall or roof from as far away as 180 ft., have Advanced ScreenLok® Technology and available in 3 sizes of 48, 65 and 75 gallons.

Light Duty TTW Eco-Defender Safety System Energy Saver Models:

Ecologically friendly, this range of Bradford White water heaters features latest technological advancements with reduced NOx emissions and are available in 48 and 65 gallon sized tanks.

Light Duty TTW High Performance Energy Saver Models:

These are ideal for applications where venting and space are a concern while needing a larger amount of hot water than one tank can produce.

eF Series Ultra High Efficiency Energy Saver Models:

This advanced series use exclusive designs and technologies.

Copper Brute II Models:

These water heaters have the ability to meet heavy-duty commercial application demands with a LCD display, thermostat adjustable up to 180°F and as large as 100 gallons.

Bradford White Power Direct Vent Models

Light Duty Defender Safety System:

These can be vented through a wall or a roof of up to 180ft, uses outside air for combustion and has the FVIR Defender Safety System®.

eF Series Ultra High Efficiency:

These models offer a high thermal efficiency of up to 99.1%, range in size from 60-100 gallons and has a LCD display for temperature control.

Co-Axial Vent:

These direct vent ASME and non-ASME are ideal for areas with negative air pressure by using one vent to bring in air and another to exhaust the air.

Independent Vent:

This range of power direct vent water heaters come in 8 models, can be situated as far as 60 feet from outside wall and be installed where an air corrosive environment exists.

Copper Brute II:

This range of Bradford water heaters come with sealed combustion chamber, provides almost instant hot water and highly efficient.

Bradford White Direct Vent Water Heater Models

Light Duty High Input Defender Safety System:

This range of water heaters are high input direct vent models that has side connections for space heating while it also use the co-axial venting system.

Co-Axial Vent Energy Saver Models:

Available in four models, these water heaters use a co-axial concentric venting system for where there is negative air pressure or corrosive air supply. Available in 4 models, 80 to 100 gallon sized tanks.

Bradford White Electric Water Heating

Light Duty Upright

Available in capacities ranging between 30 and 120 gallons, these Bradford White water heaters are ideal for commercial applications where there can are field convertible from 3 phase to single phase simultaneously or not.

Light duty Utility

Perfect for small locations, these Bradford White water heaters are available in capacities ranging from six to 30 gallons allowing flexibility to placement.

Light Duty Lowboy

These models are perfect for under counter installations.

Light Duty Wall Hung

These wall hung models feature fully automatic controls and offer continuous hot water equipped with factory installed brackets.

Dairy Barn – 80 Gallon Water Heater

These were designed to counter the challenge of fixing a water heater in a dairy farm.

Medium Duty 3-element

These 3-element models allow easy and on-the-job-site conversions and are ideal for beauty salons, restaurants or office buildings.

Booster Water Heaters

100% efficiency economical water heaters are suited to raise the temperature of water for commercial water heaters.

Brute Vertical Round Models

These are meant to meet the demands of large demands of hot water and come in sizes between 150 and 1000 gallon tanks.

Bradford White Oil Water Heating

Oil Water Heater – Aero Powered Center and Rear Flue Models

Known for their high output and durability this 70 gallon water tank is installed with the Hydrojet® System to help lengthen the life of the unit.

Aero Series Multi-Flue Models

This group of hot water tanks offer a large amount of input and recovery, in both the 6 Models ASME and 10 non-ASME versions of Bradford White water heater.


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